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AI Blog for Professionals: How to Do More Using AI

How to Do More Using Artificial Intelligence at Work

We’re happy to start our AI BLOG, an open space for AI tool creators and explorers who understand that AI is the future of their profession and that the job will be theirs as long as they learn to cooperate with AI to increase their productivity, creativity, and impact.

It’s been proven that AI leverages work time and boosts productivity. Many professions are being currently challenged by the advent of AI tools that change the way the work is done, from content creators to programmers to researchers.

Generative AI Tools Boost Productivity

Leverage AI & Do More!

Want to follow the latest trends and use AI to do more? Need to 10x your output to generate the opportunities you’ve been dreaming of?

You’ve come to the right place.

In our DoMore AI Blog for professionals, you’ll find lots of tips on how to boost your productivity at work. We write about the best AI tools that can help you reach your professional goals in no time.

Welcome to the DoMore AI Blog:

AI Boosts Productivity, It’s Proven

Studies show that generative AI tools boost productivity at work.

AI not only helps employees gain new skills faster or get experience without a need to pick up the brains of more experienced workers all the time but also opens new possibilities by leaving more time and space for creativity or strategic thinking.

That’s why more and more AI tools are being created in many fields and developed at the speed of light.

The most popular AI tools include:

Benefits of Using AI at Work

There are many benefits of using generative AI tools at work. Productivity is just an umbrella term for many different aspects of how your professional life can be better when you start to use AI while doing your job.

Using AI at work is beneficial because it:

  • helps new workers gain the skills and experience faster,
  • gives a competitive advantage,
  • smooths the transition from a low-experienced to high-experienced employee,
  • automates repetitive tasks, leaving more time for creative or strategic tasks,
  • enables you to do things you haven’t done before,
  • gives a head start to those who learn AI now compared to those who will adopt AI when it becomes an inseparable part of their job.

And that’s just to name a few advantages of using artificial intelligence…

Why Do I Need to Incorporate AI
into My Work?

AI is trending. It has entered our professional lives at a speed nobody would have imagined.

If you haven’t entered the AI world yet,
best stop resisting it.

The more you postpone the transition to AI-assisted professionalism, the more you’ve got to lose. The change is irrevocable for computer-based occupations and it’s better if you make a responsible decision now on your terms than later on somebody’s command.

More and more people understand that AI has entered our professional lives for good and they search for AI tools that can help them 10x their output and outsmart their competition.

That’s a wise move.

Using AI for your work means you can be more productive, creative, and impactful. Plus, you follow the trends that are going to strongly affect the job market in the nearest future. This means you won’t be dispensable when the AI revolution settles for good. Frankly, it’s the smartest move you can make – get friendly with AI, learn how to prompt ChatGPT, and use AI tools to do your job if you don’t want to lose it.

Because AI is here not to replace people doing their jobs. AI will replace only those who cannot adjust.

Building AI Automation


Easily & Cheaply AI-Automate Your Work

We’re building low-cost AI automation solutions to help you optimize your workflow like we did. They are easy to use and save time and money.

Areas that AI Enters

Areas that AI enters are innumerable and immense, from content generation to code development to research to entertainment.

You name it.

Just take content generation. Content generation can be approached from various perspectives and different forms. It includes blogging, social media posts, videos, images, music, and more. For each content creation category, there’s more than one fine AI tool and more to come.

The next popular area that widely uses AI help is code development. ChatGPT can be a great programming helper itself and there are many more tools designed to help you code in different languages, convert codes, and optimize your programming experience.

Obviously, AI has also entered the academic world. You can now ask an AI assistant to explain a paper to you in simple words or summarize a study. Also, more and more researchers are willing to use AI for their research.

Finally, because life is more than just work, AI can now be part of your leisure time, too. You’ll surely find many interesting AI tools to spend your free time nicely. There are also AI tools you can use with your kids or recommend to your elderly parents.

And there’s more, the catalog of AI tools is never-ending.

Actually, while adding new tools to our AI catalog, new categories of tools crop up and need to be added to search filters. We can’t help it…

True, AI won’t paint the walls in your apartment but it can help you design your room. Or the indoors for your clients.

With so many AI tools at hand, the best answer to the question of how to boost your productivity is right here, in the catalog of AI tools ready to be used straight away. Of course, you’d like to know what tools to choose from the assortment so big and still growing.

That’s what we’re here for. To help you track the newest trends and choices of other AI users.

Now only for work, but also for pleasure.

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