What AI Tools to Use for Video Marketing in 2024

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AI in Marketing

PUBLISHED: 10 Oct 2023

With dedicated AI tools at hand, marketing can be so much easier. We present 5 tools that can help you in your work as a marketer, especially when creating videos and stories to share out there.

Tome helps you generate compelling narratives and content pages in a blink. With HeyGen and GENmo, you can effortlessly convert text into videos. There's OpusClip for social media shorts. Before you make your video public, use TensorPix to enhance the quality.

Top AI Tools for Marketing

AI in Marketing: Storytelling & Videos

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, video creation and storytelling have become crucial for marketers. With AI now at the forefront of technology, marketers are blessed with an array of tools to aid their creative journey.

This article presents five AI tools that can redefine your video marketing strategy in 2024.

Here are the 5 new, promising tools to be used
in video and content marketing:

Top 5 AI Tools for Marketers

Best Storytelling AI Tool for Collaborative Marketers: Tome

Meet Tome, a collaborative AI partner tailor-made for storytellers. This platform generates compelling narratives and content pages in a blink. From Product & Design Reviews to Sales Decks & Pitches, Tome’s diverse features make the storytelling process seamless and intriguing. With its affordable pricing models, Tome ensures that every creator, be it an amateur or a professional, can craft masterpieces effortlessly.

Pricing: Subscription plans start from $8.00/month.

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Transforming Text to Lifelike Videos: HeyGen

Movio, recently rebranded as HeyGen, has risen to the challenge of delivering professional-quality videos. It has empowered content creators to effortlessly convert text into spokesperson videos, complete with realistic lip-syncing. Whether you're focusing on corporate training or e-learning, the multi-scene video feature ensures engagement at every step. Plus, with fast and efficient customer support, HeyGen guarantees user satisfaction.

Pricing: Subscription starts from $24.00/month.

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From Text to Tailored Videos: GENmo Unleashes Creativity

GENmo is the future of video generation, allowing users to churn out detailed and personalized videos from mere text. Its user-friendly interface combined with a thriving Discord community makes it a top choice for content creators. And the best part? It’s free to use!

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Viral Videos for Social Media: OpusClip

Thanks to AI, social media marketing has never been easier. For those looking to dominate platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, OpusClip is your go-to AI tool. It offers a plethora of features that make video repurposing a breeze. Dive into the world of viral videos with OpusClip's trendy templates and produce content that’s bound to go viral!

Pricing: Available on a subscription model with a free trial.

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Whether you need to write killer content, design stunning graphics, analyze data, or automate tasks – there’s an AI tool for you.

Elevate Your Video Quality with TensorPix

TensorPix, formerly AImages MagicStock, is an online video enhancer that is set to redefine the way marketers view video quality. Within minutes, you can deblur, clean, and upscale your videos to 4K quality. Its AI-driven capabilities ensure top-notch video enhancement, making it indispensable for bloggers and content creators alike.

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AI Revolution for Marketing

AI tools are revolutionizing the marketing space, especially when it comes to video creation and storytelling. Make sure you’re equipped with the best tools to stay ahead in 2024.

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