ChatGPT Plugins

Explore the Synology Surveillance Station API documents and generate example code.

(60 votes)

Your AI meme generator.

(28 votes)

Search for ferries and plan your trip with the assistance of AI and Ferryhopper.

(8 votes)

Checking the current APEX Legends Ranked Map.

(5 votes)

The AI council assesses queries through various agents, offering insights from many perspectives.

(9 votes)

Stocks, ETFs, funds, crypto analysis: historical performance, volatility, risk metrics, Sharpe ratio, drawdowns, etc.

(10 votes)

Awesome Tesla trips: find a route, including supercharger stops. Bonus: chat with the Tesla manual!

(2 votes)


Find courses and content from leading universities to expand your knowledge at any level.

(2 votes)

Unified product search across all Korean platforms and brands.

(1 vote)

Search BizToc for business & finance news.

(2 votes)

Elevate your shopping experience with GoFynd.

(6 votes)

Manage your Search Engine Marketing. Get keywords reports, CPCs, domain visibility, SEO results and more.

(6 votes)

Search through arXiv publications.

(3 votes)

Get factual, knowledge-base and real-time information. Search news, images, videos, music, apps, pages and facts.

(6 votes)

Encounter the life you want. Search listings, view property and neighborhood details in Japan.

Discover the ultimate travel companion - simplify your flight and hotel bookings. Enjoy your effortless trip!

(4 votes)

Find recommendation for courses, specializations, and degrees on Coursera.

(2 votes)

Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes tailored to you. Brought to you by Inner Self.

(2 votes)

Get the latest job posts from the UK's top job boards including Reed, Indeed, and others.

WeatherWhiz: Accurate current weather and forecasts for any location.

Find guitar chord diagrams by specifying the chord name.

(1 vote)

Search for shows that are currently playing on Broadway in New York City.

Search for LGTM Markdown.

Get daily astrological predictions for your sun sign.

(6 votes)