Tool of the Month

February - April, 2023:

Secure and helpful platform for finance

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#entrepreneur #freelancer #investor #investment #assisting #helpful

Onesta provides a secure and helpful platform that makes financial services more accessible and transparent. With Onesta, you can search and filter through SEC-registered advisors, look up important information and reviews, and chat with an AI-powered assistant. OnestaBot provides educational material to help you better understand finance topics, while the database of advisors allows you to conduct background checks and ensure you get the help you need. Onesta also offers anonymous messaging so you can receive information without feeling spammed. What sets Onesta apart is their commitment to providing a full-service platform that puts their customers first. From their helpful customer service to their database of reputable advisors, you can be sure you will get the help you need to take control of your financial future.

Enforceable AI detection with audit history.

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#academic #teacher #student #plagiarism #detecting #enforceable

Passed.AI is an incredible tool that allows academic institutions to prove if submitted work is either student or AI generated. By combining AI detection with a document history audit, Passed.AI provides an enforceable level of detection. The tool is easy to use and there is no additional software for the students to install. Passed.AI is secure with military-grade 256-bit encryption.

Pricing model: subscription

Paid plans from: $12.00/mo

Money back guarantee: 14 days

Automatically repurpose content

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#content creator #entrepreneur #social media user #video #creating #automated

Clips AI is a great product for automatically repurposing long-form video or audio content into social media clips. It can predict which clips will get the most engagement, and seamlessy distribute them to social media. It is also very easy to use - you can upload any MP3, WAV, or MP4 file, select your criteria, and the AI will start creating clips. Once they are created, you can search, trim, and download them. Clips AI is perfect for anyone who is looking to save time and grow their audience organically by repurposing content at scale.

Pricing model: subscription

Paid plans from: $25.00/mo