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Elevate routine completion with a playful, streamlined experiences.

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Envision a world where every checklist becomes an invigorating escapade, where every tick on a to-do list is yet another success to savor – welcome to a reimagined way to stay on top of your obligations. BeeDone presents a delightful merger of task completion with the thrill of gameplay. If one finds themselves submerged under a pile of pending tasks, this digital assistant sails in as a captain, turning the tide of overwhelm into organized, actionable segments. The experience is designed to help you form habits that fit naturally with the rhythm of your life. The intelligent prompts act like a subtle reminder from a wise friend, making it not just about completing tasks, but about growing and improving with each one. Whether solo or in a team, for work or personal growth, the benefits adapt seamlessly, like a chameleon to its environment. And for those seeking growth without restrained budgets, the app offers a delightful entry point, with pathways open for deepened exploration through a premium tier.

Free/Free Trial: YES

Pricing model: subscription

Paid plans from: €7.99 / month