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Unlock Your Best Storytelling With Tome App - an AI-powered Collaborative Partner

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Are you looking for a collaborative AI partner? Look no further than Tome. With its AI-powered storytelling format, it generates entire narratives and creates additional content pages within seconds. Add compelling images via their built-in DALL·E 2 tile, embed live content from the web, and easily share a prototype with 3D renderings and trimmed videos. No need to worry about tedious aligning or applying brand colors, Tome does it all for you with its simple drag-and-drop creation, responsive pages, and one-click themes. Share a link to your work with just one click and Tome adjusts to fit any device. Seamlessly sync work across devices using the Tome iOS app. With endless uses from Product & Design Reviews to Sales Decks & Pitches, Tome is the perfect storytelling tool for moments that matter.

Discover World of Easy Creativity with Tome

Dive right into creating without the wait with Tome, your new go-to tool for bringing any idea to life. Whether you're brainstorming for a presentation or planning a fun story for kids, Tome helps you get started fast and keeps you going with cool features like turning documents into structured stories with just a click. Imagine having a helper who can find the perfect picture, fix your text to sound just right, and even fill in the gaps when you're stuck. It’s like having a super-smart assistant who knows many languages and always finds the best way to share your thoughts.

But it’s not just about getting things done quickly; it’s about exploring and finding the best way to express yourself. Tome allows you to play around with your ideas, changing them up until they feel just right. Whether you are a big thinker, a dreamer, or someone with a grand scheme, Tome is designed for you. Why work alone when you can have Tome by your side, helping you craft your perfect project with a blend of your creativity and AI magic? Try Tome and take your creative journey to the next level.

Tome App Pricing

Tome offers pricing plans to suit creators at every stage. For those just starting out, the Free plan provides unlimited individual creation and 500 AI credits to begin - and remains free forever. For prolific creators and professional teams, the Pro plan at $8 per person monthly (billed annually) unlocks unlimited potential. It includes features like PDF exports, no Tome branding, and priority support to enhance your creative experience. Finally, organizations wanting advanced controls and customization can choose the Enterprise plan. Exciting coming soon features like workspace templates and advanced analytics make it ideal for businesses. Whether you're an amateur or an expert, Tome has a plan that will support your creative journey.

Tome App Use Cases:

  • Creating presentations and sales pitches - Tome's storytelling format and ability to quickly generate content make it easy to build engaging presentations or sales decks.
  • Developing product reviews - The drag-and-drop editor and integration with DALL-E for images allow the fast creation of product reviews with custom visuals.
  • Building marketing collateral - Tome can be used to design sales sheets, one-pagers, flyers, brochures, and other collateral with its themes and content generation tools.
  • Crafting proposals - Tome's document-to-story structure conversion and collaboration features help teams jointly develop and polish proposals.
  • Authoring blog posts and articles - The AI-powered writing assistance aids rapid drafting and refinement of blog content.
  • Designing digital reports and newsletters - Responsive pages facilitate crafting online reports, newsletters, and other digital publications.
  • Creating tutorials and guides - Tome's narrative format is ideal for building step-by-step tutorials, user guides and the like.
  • Developing children's stories - The creative features assist in authoring original stories, picture books, and other content for kids.

Free/Free Trial: YES

Pricing model: subscription

Paid plans from: $8.00 / month
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Generate effective GPT prompts effortlessly, in 1 CLICK.
#prompt #writing #effortless
Generate effective GPT prompts effortlessly, in 1 CLICK.

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