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Mac-native, AI-integrated chat tool ensuring expert dialogues with privacy

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ChatTab is a native Mac software designed to facilitate seamless conversations with experts across various fields using a floating window that can appear over any application. It integrates with ChatGPT, presenting a convenient, quick-to-start, and memory-efficient user experience. A defining feature is the unique UI design that provides an efficient way to navigate different conversations through its multi-tab functionality. The software also supports markdown for an enhanced writing experience, and includes shortcut keys for quick access to dialog windows.

A strong emphasis on user privacy and security is evident in ChatTab's design. It refrains from storing user data, tracking logs, and securely houses API keys within Apple's keychain. Conversations aren't stored beyond the app's active duration, and iCloud Sync is available for prompts.

ChatTab offers multilingual support, with ChatGPT-powered translations. English is the primary language, with the intention of expanding language support as the user base grows. Pricing is flexible, with a free starter plan for those looking to try the software. This includes access to all features and doesn't require a credit card. They also offer a free trial with some limitations.

Overall, ChatTab is a powerful and secure tool that integrates AI into everyday workflows, catering to both individuals and businesses.

Free/Free Trial: YES

Pricing model: one-time payment

Paid plans from: $19.99