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Knowbase enables efficient recall and sharing of information

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Imagine having a dynamic storage system that not only organizes your files but also interacts with you like a close aide who perfectly memorizes everything. That's exactly what Knowbase offers. Whether you have recordings of long discussions or a favorite eBook, simply add them to your personal Knowbase chat and discover an innovative way to recall every bit of information through an intuitive chat experience. Looking for a piece of information? Just ask your digital knowledge assistant. The magic doesn't stop there though - you can share your wisdom by allowing others to interact with your chat. No worries about capacity, either. You can store as many files as your plan allows, and yes, you can add multiple files at once. From PDFs and Word documents to video recordings and YouTube videos, it all works. And the best part? You can explore it all for free initially. Truly, a revolution in knowledge management and sharing.

Free/Free Trial: YES

Pricing model: subscription

Paid plans from: $9.99 / month