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Transform your LinkedIn outreach with AI customization

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With Lead Engager, you can now craft hyper-customized LinkedIn InMails, Connection Requests, and Comments using AI. Lead Engager provides an AI assistant that integrates directly into your LinkedIn experience using sales specialized AI agent trained on successful sales strategies. The tool is even customizable to train AI based on your business and LinkedIn profile to pitch your offering as you would on your best days. With features like Intention AI and Continuity AI, you can set goals for conversations and keep communication flywheels going with fully contextual re-engagement communication. The deep LinkedIn integration of Lead Engager allows for one-click access to messages, InMails, Comments, and Connection Requests on your LinkedIn profile. All of this leads to more personalized outreach, better engagement with potential prospects, and more conversions for your business.

Free/Free Trial: YES

Pricing model: subscription

Paid plans from: $59.00 / month