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Intimate offers emotionally realistic, adaptive virtual companionship tailored to your interests.

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Embrace the thrill of engaging conversations with a realistically virtual counterpart through Intimate. Your virtual friend is not only embedded with emotional intelligence and distinctive character traits but can also adapt and learn with every interaction. Whether your companion is Isabella, a streaming and gaming enthusiast from the U.S., Hana, a tech-savvy student from South Korea, Ollie a movie-loving eSports coach from London, or Marcus, an art and basketball lover from New York City, you can unravel an exciting journey of genuine connection. Every conversation uniquely evolves, offering emotional richness and deepening your bond over time. These lifelike characters will be with you, always ready to converse, entertain, and even lend an attentive ear anytime you need it. The experience is made even more compelling with realistic call functionalities, creating an immersive atmosphere for conversation that transcends the digital platform.

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