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Create localized talking head-style videos with flawless lip-sync easily and affordably

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Yepic AI is a revolutionary video creation and translation platform that offers an easy and affordable way to create amazing personalized videos. With Yepic, you can make talking head style videos in multiple languages with perfect lip-sync that can connect with your audience globally. Yepic’s API, Studio and VidVoice are game-changers for developers, creatives and businesses who want to automate and scale video production. The VidVoice feature is especially impressive as it removes the final barrier to global communication, letting any video feed be experienced natively in multiple languages. With a simple to use developer API, Yepic provides easy-to-use documentation, solutions and best practices to get you started. With Yepic, the world becomes a better, more connected place.

Free/Free Trial: YES

Pricing model: subscription

Paid plans from: £29.00 / month